Friday, 27 July 2012

Always loved Vikings

From Runequest: Viking, Rolemaster/HERO: Viking, to GURPS Viking, I have them all. And I know the difference between Scandinavians and actual vikings, but let's face it, the latter term is nigh-ubiquitous. And Glorantha's "land-bound Scandinavians", the Orlanthi Sartarites? Love them too.

One of our most memorable games is known as "the Viking game" -- although it had more to do with the Sartarites than actual Scandinavians. Still, there were boats, and raids, and acts both glorious and foul. It was a fun game.

So upon viewing it, the teaser from Cubicle 7's upcoming Yggdrasill has my "Viking gland" acting up again. I don't really know much about the game, character sheets are available but I haven't had much time to research it. Time to make some time!

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