Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Swords against Terror

On the Legend of the Flame Princess forum there is an ongoing discussion about a post-renaissance setting for a game which may or may not be like LotFP. Alternate names have been proposed -- I like False Dawn, as the Dawn of the Age of Reason hasn't really occurred as far too many learned men still muddle in the arcane and unknowable.

The funny thing is, judging by most of the art, I always presumed that this was the default setting for LotFP. There's a lot of "musketeer" art, with bulky matchlocks and lace collars, and the rest. When reading it I frequently refer to Backswords and Bucklers, an Elizabethan game using the OSR, as a comparison.

I have always liked the era. Lace & Steel, Flashing Blades, and the more modern Witch Hunter RPG grace my shelves, they all work in and around the era, although only the last is normally a game of supernatural terrors.

More to the point of the post. A series of eighteen LofTP crowd-sourced adventures are going to be proposed this July. the adventure titles and descriptions are up already. If you were looking for a couple bullet point outlines to inspire your own adventures, you could do far worse than look here. There are a couple that really caught my eye.

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