Friday, 29 June 2012

Mouse Tales

We began a game of Mouse Guard tonight.

One of the interesting things about Mouse Guard is that the GM gets a "turn" and then the players each get a number of turns -- at least one, but possibly more based on events in the GM's turn.

Some of the players' turns may be soaked up on Recovery rolls. For instance, my Mouse, Willem the Healer, fell into a stream we were crossing. Willem pulled himself out, however apart from being soaked, he picked up the Tired condition. One of my actions was to use a Resources roll to try to get rid of the condition.

We tried to complete our voyage on our turns (we failed) and collect some spearmint (we succeeded), and I tried to teach another mouse about Herb lore (I failed).

Player Agency is hard-coded right into the rules. This isn't a rules set that would deal well with a protracted narrative arc. The players are free to have their characters do almost anything they want on their turns, the GM doesnt' have the right to veto a Player action (although "whole group approval" is a tool that the game uses frequently -- useful for genre, theme, and character enforcement). 

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